Our full and part-time staff members take turns keeping the Museum open 365 days a year from 9am to 4pm! Administration staffing hours for phone calls are 9am – 4pm Monday to Saturday.

(808)335-9975 + x___ (extensions are listed below)


Koke`e Museum:
Phone ext: 0   or call direct: (808)335-3353   Email:

CCC Camp - Inquiries and Reservations:
Phone ext: 1   Hours: Tues - Sat   Email:

Kokua Kokeʻe Volunteer in the Forest

Kokeʻe Resource Conservation Program Located at the CCC Camp

Direct Phone: (808) 335-0045 Email:
For more information:

Hui o Laka Administration

Michelle Hookano - Festivals, Accounting, and general administration.
Phone ext: 2   Hours: Mon - Fri   Email:

Rosalind Thompson - Membership, Gift Shop
Phone ext: 3   Hours: Tues - Sat   Email:

Chris Faye, Executive Director
Phone ext: 4 Email:

Please use Director’s email for contact purposes. Use this cell phone number: (808) 639-5270 before or after hours. No solicitations please. If texting, please do not send attachments (send by email) and identify yourself.

NOTE: There are issues with voice mailboxes on both cellphones that go in and out of service areas and frequent power outages at Kokee that affect our office landlines so best to try calling again if there is no reasonable response time or simply email.

FAX: (808) 335-6131

FACEBOOK: KokeeMuseumNew

Museum Shop Associates

Paulette Burtner
Linda Oshiro
Rita Peeters
Wendy Woods

Current and prospective shop vendors/suppliers may direct correspondence to


A Board of Trustees is elected by Hui o Laka members at the Annual Members Meeting, held in the fall in Kōke`e State Park, usually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Members must be present at the Annual Meeting to vote. Board members serve for staggered terms and choose the officers.

2019 -2020


Billi Smith-Topp, President
Frank O. Hay, Treasurer
Kay S. Koike, Secretary
Myranda Wai Kuapahi
Elizabeth Piccard
Lorraine Wichman

Roselle Bailey
Aletha Kaohi

Ex Officio
David Tsuchiya, DLNR State Parks Kauaʻi

Currently in Koke`e, Hawai`i:

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