Waimea Canyon State Park is dryer than Kōkeʻe State Park, which climbs into rain forest.

Kauai Microclimates

Like most volcanic tropical islands, Kauaʻi has many different microclimates. That means packing for a variety of conditions: swim suits and light hot-weather clothing for the beaches, a lightweight windbreaker for the occasional shower at higher elevations, and more serious protection during inclement conditions when hiking Nā Pali Coast. In winter months, a trip to Waimea Canyon and Kōkeʻe State Parks calls for warmth, including long pants and covered shoes – morning and late afternoon temperatures can fall into the mid-50 deg. F.

Kauai Seasons

Winter and Spring (mid-December through mid-April) is high season for Kauaʻi when many travelers plan their trip to the island. This also means that fewer travel bargains are available and that room rates at this time will average 10%-15% higher than the rest of the year. Generally speaking, late winter and early spring are rainy, though weather in recent years has been highly variable and unpredictable. Nevertheless, the west or leeward side of Kauaʻi tends to be dryer than the rest of the island.

Kauai Tradewinds

Due to the prevailing trade winds, most rainfall hits the north or northeast-facing shores, leaving the south and southwest sections relatively dry. As you make your way to various sections of Kauaʻi it is interesting to note the differences in terrain brought about by rainfall differentials.

Kauai Landscapes

Besides the trade winds, elevation also plays a role in determining an area’s microclimate. And on the way up to the parks, youʻll drive through abandoned cane fields, part of the island’s agricultural past. At lower elevations, these old fields are interspersed with fragments of native lowland forest, giving way to stands of eucalyptus planted the first half of the 20th century.  At higher elevations, native Hawaiian cloud forest predominates.

Kauai Temperature Ranges

January 65-80°F 18-27°C
February 65-80°F 18-27°C
March 69-81°F 21-27°C
April 69-83°F 21-28°C
May 70-85°F 21-29°C
June 72-86°F 22-30°C
July 73-87°F 23-31°C
August 74-88°F 23-31°C
September 73-88°F 23-31°C
October 72-87°F 22-31°C
November 69-84°F 21-29°C
December 67-81°F 19-27°C

Cool Kauai Weather Links

For the most current information, check out these continually updated weather links relating to Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi, Pacific, and world weather.  If you look at them daily, you’ll learn a lot about how weather works. Pay particular attention when storms come by, as you can watch the changes at your location: